Wendy Beutel

 Laurie Lawrence Swim School


I have 25 years of experience in all aspects of the industry.  However, four years ago a colleague and I were alarmed at the statics of people with Autism drowning.  I then ventured down the ‘rabbit hole’ and decided to develop a swimming program for people with additional needs within Laurie Lawrence Swim School. I am currently the Adapted Aquatic Program Coordinator.  Our program, knowledge and passion is growing daily and are proud of the accomplishment of our students.  Our gained knowledge of teaching adapted aquatics is constantly developing on the learning platform, World Wide Swim School. I believe it’s important to share knowledge within our industry so we all can deliver positive and progressive lessons. 

My journey of teaching people with additional needs is driven by proving that everyone can be a safe and strong swimmer in their unique way.  My daily highlight is seeing the enjoyment of accomplishments from our students and the excitement of positive learning for the families.

When I’m not in the pool I’m either on an adventure, socializing or hanging with my husband, sons, and dog (she’s my favourite).  Three words that describe me – loud, infectious, and compassionate.