Lynn Ledford

Cal Elite Kids

Lynn Ledford has a passion for business. With over 20 years as a successful leader in child-based sports and education industries, Lynn is known to be a decisive, analytical leader who guides with energy, high standards, compassion and creativity. Her unique skill set features innovative thinking, strategic momentum-based action, optimistic leadership, and a boundless love for creating amazing, smart, successful children’s businesses.  Lynn has spent 30 years becoming the experienced CEO she is today. She earned a BA in English and a Juris Doctor degree and in 1986 she began practicing law by day and teaching law by night. Drawn to education, she pursued a full-time teaching position and became the Dean of Academics of Southern California College of Law. In 1998 she focused her passion for education toward a new dynamic market and pursued a personal dream of owning a child-based education business. Together with her business partner, Georgette Cutler, Lynn made the most important pivot of her life and purchased Cal Elite Kids.