David Gorman

SwimJim USA

David Gorman has 25 years of leadership in finance, investment, entrepreneurship, government and philanthropy. He served the Commonwealth of Australia as Senior Investment Director in New York under the governments of Rudd and Gillard. David’s finance and investment career began with Morgan Stanley and Bear Stearns, where he enjoyed experience in global equities, fixed income and alternative asset class markets.
In 1998, he helped his partner Jim establish his swim school, which teaches 2,500 students each week in New York City and Houston. A graduate of Columbia University, David speaks Spanish, Portuguese and French. He has studied Italian, Japanese and Russian.
A native of Miami, David resides in New York City with Jim and their two rescued Great Danes. David serves on the Board of Stop Drowning Now, a non-profit that seeks to end drowning through education and public advocacy.