Rob Macfarlane & Sean Langeveld

Aquatic Achievers


Rob Macfarlane

Rob is a husband, dad, son, brother, community coach, lover of rugby, passionate about surfing, crazy about cricket and doesn’t mind a great meal and drinks with his mates. He has enjoyed living and working in locations like NZ, Singapore, UK, USA and at home in Australia. For 20 years he’s enjoyed senior roles with technology and mining organisations, and most recently for the past several years he has been developing and leading a team of passionate people with the intent of making Aquatic Achievers a positive place for our team, our families, our communities and our planet.

Sean Langeveld

My life revolves around water. When I’m not at Aquatic Achievers supporting the team, I’m at playing or supporting my local water polo club,  at the home pool, or when I find some time, sneak off down the coast to the beach. I’ve been actively keen on swimming for most of my life, swimming competitively from a young age in South Africa, which got me interested in the learn to swim industry when I moved to Australia. Starting out as a teacher with Aquatic Achievers, my passion for teaching, the industry, and working with leaders coming through the business, has given me 14 years of exposure to passionate people in the industry, keeping me energised to keep giving back.