Anna Chapple

Anna started teaching swimming at the age of 17 at Blue Dolphin Swim Centre where her passion for teaching swimming began. She then moved into teaching swimming to children with disabilities while she studied Occupational Therapy at University. After graduating University Anna moved to Whyalla to develop her skills as an Occupational Therapist where she continued to build her passion for working with children with disabilities and also developed an appreciation and enthusiasm for the importance of quality services in regional areas. 

Upon her return to Adelaide she continued her Occupational Therapy career at Novita and also returned to work as a swimming instructor for children with disabilities through Inclusive Sport SA. More recently Anna has embarked on studying a Masters of Business Administration in order to help her better understand business and help bring her love of swimming and disability together and develop a means for supporting swim schools with the inclusion of children with disabilities. 

Anna is due to finish her MBA this year and is currently completing her research project “Creating Autism Friendly Swim Schools’ which will help explore the barriers to inclusion for autistic children in mainstream swim schools and provide recommendations to swim schools on how they can support the inclusion of autistic children in their centre. Following the completion of her project and her MBA, Anna is excited to use her skills as both a Swimming Instructor and Occupational therapist to achieve her goal of creating a world where children with disabilities can learn to swim alongside their peers.